8-11 Sep 2014 Pitlochry, Scotland (United Kingdom)


A large body of expertise on charge and discharge processes has been built up in the solar system and in the meteorological communities. With the increasing sensitivity of astronomical observations, charge processes in cloudy atmospheres become of increasing interest also for the astronomical community in particular with respect to characterising extrasolar planets. This brings the unprecedented opportunity to test, apply, and expand the understanding of charge and discharge processes on Earth for which observations appear comparably easy to access. The steady increase of the sample of known extrasolar planets broadens our knowledge and at the same time, reveals our lack of understanding. This situation is a unique opportunity to join forces with the solar system and the meteorological communities to ask and answer fundamental questions about atmospheric physics such as the electrostatic state of the atmosphere which is studied in radio frequencies in astronomy.

Topics to address include:

Lab & Observation: Collisional charge separation processes in dusty media

Modelling charge separation / discharge in dusty, turbulent atmospheric gases

Lunar dust charging and implication for space explorations

Electrostatic processes on Mars and in volcanoes

Radiation impact / CRS on cloud ionisation

Astrophysical context in exoplanetary research

This 4-day meeting will be held in the Scottish Highlands and aims to provide an atmosphere of exchange between adjacent  science areas. The number of participants will be limited to max. 50. 

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Review Speaker

All review speakers has agreed to deliver a presentation of their  topic that is accessible to a cross-disciplinary audience. 

Laboratory experimental research on dusty plasmas by Alan Phelps (Univ Strathclyde) 

The multi-scale nature of pulsed discharges in thunderstorms and in the lab or How lightning propagates by Ute Ebert (CWI Amsterdam)     

Dust ionisation in the solar system by Honary Faridey (Univ Lancaster)

Multi-wavelengths observations of cool, dusty extrasolar objects by  Stuart Littlefair (Univ Sheffield)

In addition, we have Yuri Stozhkov as keynote speaker on Cosmic Ray impact on atmospheres.

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Life, Electricity, Atmosphere, Planets

Life, Electricity, Atmosphere, Planets


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